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Our Lady of Good Success is deemed worthy of belief by the diocese of Quito. From the beginning when Mother Mariana asked the local bishop for permission to commission the making of the statue this devotion was approved.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Divine Child For Our Time: Jesus del Pichincha

"I can not do more for you, to show you my love! Ungrateful souls do not repay me with scorn, sacrilege and blasphemy... be my comfort in my Eucharistic solitudes, watch in my company...

During my stay in Quito, I found myself quite drawn to a statue in the Conceptionist Convent. It was an image of Our Lord as a very young man with his arms extended in liturgical vestments with the Eucharist behind His head. The name of the image is El Divino Nino Jesus del Pichincha. I was constantly pulled before Him when praying my rosary during my numerous visits to the Conceptionist Convent. I had never seen an image of Our Lord quite like this one, and I wanted to know the story behind it. Our Lord looked so inviting, and the expression on His face was one of compassion, yet very serious. I felt like He was offering the world a message that no one was really interested in hearing. During my stay in Quito I came to learn that this image is a very unique one and that the image and story behind it Our Lord desires to be shared in conjunction with the story and image of Our Lady of Good Success.

Christ appeared to Mother Mariana many times. This particular vision not only has great significance for Ecuador, but also for those who desire to keep the faith in our dark time throughout the world. Mother Mariana saw Our Lord as a young child appear on the summit of Mt Pichincha overlooking Quito, which sits between a large valley. Our Lord told her that He would give Himself on Pichincha for the good of the republic of Ecuador, and would that He would be very happy when Our Lady is extolled under the title "Good Success." He continued to say that all who extolled her under this title would receive graces to remain strong in the faith, and persevere in the spiritual life.

Mother Mariana saw the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael take the Divine Child up to the summit where the mountain was wrapped in heavenly light. Jesus was dressed in a long white robe dotted with stars and a lovely pinkish purple colored garment, which is very unique and according to Mother Mariana, had never been seen before on earth. The Divine Child found Himself before a cross with a crown of thorns. Jesus fell on the ground and prayed to God the Father for Ecuador, so that He and Our Lady would reign over it. He was then lifted upon the cross overlooking Ecuador as He wept. Our Lord's tears were collected by the angels and spread over the country far and wide.

As The Divine Child overlooked Quito and wept he said the following, "I can not do more for you, to show you my love! Ungrateful souls do not repay me with scorn, sacrilege and blasphemy... be my comfort in my Eucharistic solitudes, watch in my company... Amid the bitterness and dire times that are coming to this country, your humble, secret and silent prayer together with your voluntary penance, save it from destruction.."  Our Lady promised that she would personally look over the Conceptionist Convent and  that the convent would always remain there until the end of time. In 1634 Our Lord informed Mother Mariana that He also wanted this image to be spread further across the world with the message attached to it above. He stressed the following phrase, "I can not do more for you, to show you my love! Ungrateful souls do not repay me with scorn, sacrilege and blasphemy...” This is a great plea for those of us who receive Our Lord in the Eucharist. The divine child giving Himself on the cross represents the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Behind the Divine Child’s head can be seen the Eucharistic host, which has a great significance for us. The image shows Christ in the Mass giving Himself to us in the Holy Eucharist desiring for us to show an increased reverence for Him in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Upon further investigation I discovered another message while having a discussion with our friends in Quito. I was curious as to why Our Lord presented Himself as an older child appearing as if in His teens, and not as an infant. Most of the time Our Lord appears as an infant or an adult, but rarely if ever as an older child. I was informed that Our Lord appeared at this age knowing that the Devil would especially target young children at this age where they are most vulnerable. Those in the early teens are easily tempted to sins of impurity, immodesty, and pride. He wanted to present Himself at this particular age to plead for the salvation of those tempted at that age in our time. Our Lord and Our Lady wanted this devotion to be rekindled for us today! I encourage all parents who have children to have a strong devotion to the Divine Child of Pichincha. I also encourage teens to carry an image of Him with them to turn to in times of temptation. 

El Divino Nino Jesus del Pichincha have mercy on us! 

Feel free to print out any of these pictures for your private devotion.

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