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Our Lady of Good Success is deemed worthy of belief by the diocese of Quito. From the beginning when Mother Mariana asked the local bishop for permission to commission the making of the statue this devotion was approved.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Spiritual Warfare Part VI- The Latin Mass and the Blessed Sacrament

“Let everyone be struck with fear, let the whole world tremble, and let the heavens exult when Christ, the Son of the living God is present on the altar in the hands of a priest!” (St Francis of Assisi- Letter to the order)
It is very important that one have a great love for the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the priests who offer it. This Sacrament strengthens us while we are pilgrim travelers on this earth. (Catherine Siena- Dialogue) Thus it is important to regularly receive Holy Communion at each Mass that you attend. One must first understand that the Mass should not be taken for granted. Nor should anyone ever receive Holy Communion while in a state of mortal sin, for it would be to their condemnation. God the Father spoke to Saint Catherine of Siena concerning this; “…I provide within the soul’s emotions by administering grace through the service of the Holy Spirit. The wicked receive it to the lessening of grace within them.” For those however who receive the Sacrament in the state of grace, Our Blessed Mother told Mother Mariana that the Eucharist was "an antidote against sin and an easy and powerful means of uniting souls with their God and redeemer." So we reverently attend Mass in a state of grace so that we may obtain perfection through Christ in the Sacrament.

We do indeed believe the Mass is sacred and it sustains us by special graces. Pope Pius XI wrote, “…by it we are raised to God and united to Him, thereby professing our faith and our deep obligation to Him for the benefits we have received and the help of which we stand in constant need.” (Divini Cultus) We understand that the Mass is primarily sacrificial in nature. The sacrifice of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is made present for us in a mystical way on the altar during the consecration. Our Lord is present as priest and sacrifice. With this in mind we must have the utmost reverence for Our Lord who is present in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Extraordinary Form of the Mass is a most worthy treasure to preserve for the uniqueness of its form which presents this sacrificial theology very clearly. This Mass is the Mass that our great patrimony of Saints also held so dear. Pope Benedict XVI’s motu proprio, ‘Summorum Pontificum’ in 2007 expressed the desire to see the increased celebration of what is now referred to as the ‘Extraordinary Form.’ Its celebration has grown substantially in recent years and in the course of nearly a decade since the document was published there are now many chapels and churches that are dedicated to the Extraordinary Form.

As Catholics we know that the Mass is the source and summit of our lives. Everyone should have reverence for the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in all of its approved Rites. The Extraordinary Form however gives special significance to the tradition of the Roman Rite and her Saints throughout the ages, which influence us so heavily in our spiritual devotions. For the reasons outlined in ‘Summorum Pontificum’ it should be our goal to promote the celebration of the Extraordinary Form and to receive, “the treasures of worship and culture that had been accumulated by the Romans in preceding centuries.” (Pope Benedict XVI)

A Though On The Blessed Sacrament

Our Lord is present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Unfortunately the climate in the Church today does not convey this reality. The words of Blessed Julian Eymard ring true today, “LAS! It is but too true: our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament is not loved!” Thus we should be reminded to lend ourselves to Eucharistic devotion for our growth in personal holiness and to make reparation for blasphemies against Our Lord in the Most Holy Sacrament. It is good to spend at least one hour before the Blessed Sacrament each month. If possible this adoration should be done in the presence of the exposed Blessed Sacrament in Eucharistic adoration, but it is also good to spend the hour before Christ in the tabernacle. Many blessings and graces flow from this time of worship before Our Lord whose presence in the Blessed Sacrament is unique, “The act of Eucharistic adoration has for its Divine object the infinite perfection of Jesus Christ, which of itself is worthy of all honor and glory..” (Blessed Julian Eymard-The Real Presence)

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